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Natural Harmony

Enkidu makes sustainably-grown wine in Sonoma Valley.

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In ancient Sumarian, the character of Enkidu represents a voice for nature. Pure, principled, and adventurous, it calls us to rediscover the balance between ourselves and the natural world. Join us as we explore the exceptional character of Sonoma Valley.

Enkidu Podcast

Listen To The Stories

We wouldn’t have named ourselves after one of the oldest characters in literature if we didn’t love stories. Come listen to Winemaker Phil, owners Matt & Catherine, and club manager Becca talk about the ecstatic highs and sometimes hilarious lows of running a boutique winery.

Visit & Taste

Come taste what happens when wine is made in harmony with nature.

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Honored by this mention of our 99pt 2018 Ansar Cabernet in Los Gatos magazine!! It’s available at enkiduwines.com just in time to stock up for the holidays! #losgatosmagazine #losgatos #cabernetsauvignon #sonomavalleywine #sunsetmagazinewinecompetition #bestinclass @springboardwine
Harvest 2023 Is moving right along! Our Peters Vineyard Pinot grapes taste and look gorgeous 🍇✨🍷
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A brief moment of relaxation before the rest of our grapes start pouring in!🍇🍷🐾
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Crush has officially begun! It has been a long wait (and there’s more waiting to do) but we’re thrilled to toast the start of Harvest! 🍇🍾🍷
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About Enkidu

From our name to our winemaking, Enkidu’s ethos is all about finding new expressions of an ancient harmony.

Membership Tastes Different

Experience the difference of Enkidu membership.

Did you know:

Grapes cannot thrive just anywhere, this is why certain regions of the world are hailed for their wine growing, and they all happen to fall within the latitudes 30 degrees to 50 degrees north and south of the equator. Sonoma County falls at 38 degrees north.