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Website Environments






Used by dev team to do development work, qa and debug



Used to stage major releases, preview sensitive changes in a stable



Customer-facing “live” environment

What’s Pouring block

The What’s Pouring block is a content block that can be added to almost any position on any page.

Add new content block

  1. In WordPress, navigate to the page you’d like to the What’s
    Pouring block to appear.
  2. Click add Content Block > What’s Pouring block

  1. What’s Pouring block has two options depending on what you want
    to display.

Option 1 – Display C7 collection

Option 1 should be used when you’d simply like to display a collection from C7

  1. Choose collection from C7:

Then click on the dropdown button to select one of the collections available in Commerce

For example, select the What’s Pouring collection and click the Update button in
the top right.

In Commerce 7 you can modify the What’s Pouring title and content

Option 2 – Display curated product list

Option 2 should be used when you’d like to display a random group of products not
associated with any C7 collection.

Toggle to Product (option 2).

Input Title and Description.

Select products from the Product field.

Choose up to five products then click the Update button in the top right.

Here’s what your Customers see on the frontend.

  1. Toggling between Collection and Product display options
    preserves the user input for easy back-and-forth.

  1. Review on https://enkidu1dev.wpenginepowered.com/content-block/

Shop Page

The Shop page displays Collections built and maintained in Commerce 7. “All Wines”
data loads at page load.

NOTE: Do not delete the collection “All Wines” collection as this is the source of truth used to filter across the other collections.

Create new C7 Collection

  1. Navigate to Commerce 7 > Store > Collections > Add

  • Input collection name
  • Choose collection type
  • Change collection slug if needed
  • Click on Save button

  1. Add products in the Collection In the Products tab or from
    within the product detail page.

  1. Search for a manual Collection to add.

Note: This action above will add this product in the Collection product list

  1. Switch to the product metadata tab and scroll down to the bottom
    of the page to the Collections metadata section.

  1. Input the collection slug and Save. All collection slugs should
    be added here, except all-wines slug (see #1)

Add Collection to WordPress

  1. In WordPress > All Pages >Shop >
    Collection > Add Row

  1. Click on drop down button to add a new collection. Drag to
    reposition if needed. Click  Update to save.

Here we can remove any Collection if you don’t want to show it on the Front end.
For Example, I have removed All Wines collection and moved Our Wines collection to the top.


Membership Page

NOTE: In WordPress, there is a content block for the Membership page for membership
“level” which is intentionally titled with a lowercase “l”. This is because the “Become a Member” CTA links
to this content block. Changing the title or punctuation will break the page.

New Details Product Template

Wine Specs

Apply the “New Detailed Product Template” for each product that you’d like to

Click on Metadata tab, scroll down to Wine Specs area and input data under each label
and Save.

Wine Specs 1 & 2 fields

These fields are not used in the New Detailed Product Template but cannot be removed
until all products have converted to use the new template.

Tech Sheet manage and upload to PDP

Go to WordPress -> Media -> Add New Media File

Select file/files in your local space and click on the Open button.

After you see your new files uploaded on WP Media, open to preview it and click
on Copy ULR to clipboard button.

Go to C7 -> Product -> open -> Metadata -> scroll down to Tech Sheet area
to input tech sheet title and paste the URL and SAVE.

Tech sheet is an optional field.

  • With no title -> it will be displayed as: Tech Sheet
    File Download (Admin are able to change button text in the New Detailed product template).
  • No link -> No download button on the Front end.

SEO meta data

SEO meta data lives in two places.


Used for WordPress-built pages like Homepage, Learn, Membership, Staff, etc.

  1. Login to WordPress https://enkiduwines.com/wp-admin/
  2. Navigate to Pages and select a page to edit
  3. Scroll down to the SEO section
  4. Edit and Update. The Update button is located in
    the top-right of the page.
  5. NOTE: This SEO section is what is visible to the web crawlers
    and previews inside of social media posts. This image and text will “unfurl” when shared.


Used for shop-able products

  1. Login to C7
  2. Navigate to Shop > Products > select a product
  3. On the Summary tab, scroll down to the SEO section
  4. Edit and Save
  5. NOTE: This content is visible to web crawlers but does not
    display a preview when sharing the link. This is a limitation of C7

Trade & Media Page

Locations WordPress

Add the Trade And Media block into the page that you want to show Locations are
selling Enkidu Wines as other content blocks. For example, we have one in Trade & media page.

  1. Login to WordPress https://enkiduwines.com/wp-admin/
  2. Navigate to Pages and select the Trade and Media page,
  3. Navigate to the Trade and media block to edit.
  4. Add Title and Content.

Navigate to Trade and Media section to Add New Locations or Edit Current

Input/Edit location information in those field

  • Location name
  • Location type
  • Location address 1st and 2nd line.
  • Google Maps URL
  • Store’s Website URL
  • Select State or Add new States
  • Update/Publish Location information

To add new Store types, you can hover on the setting icon and click on it to navigate
to Field’s group to edit.

Expand Type section to add more store types. Then Click on Save Changes button.

To add new States or Delete States, you can navigate to the State section for more

To re-order location display on the Front End, you can navigate to the Re-Order
section for more actions.

To add more content in this page, please enter into next row, input text and click on Add Media button above.